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Radio 43 | Episode 39 | Intelligence Report | Special Episode: It's a win for HOPE not Tate

August 24, 2022 Hope Not Hate
HOPE not hate
Radio 43 | Episode 39 | Intelligence Report | Special Episode: It's a win for HOPE not Tate
Show Notes

It’s been a hectic time at HOPE not hate as we’ve just successfully netted one of our biggest fish in recent years; a right whopper by the name of Andrew Tate.

Tate is a violent misogynist who shot to fame on social media, especially TikTok, projecting a supposedly glamorous lifestyle of fast cars and wealth whilst simultaneously using his platform to share his disgusting views towards women, as well as his homophobia, ableism and Islamophobia.

On TikTok, Tate content has been viewed many billions (that’s not a typo) of times, and he has developed a cult-like following of impressionable young men and boys. Large numbers of young men have been consuming his content and he is widely celebrated in those circles as having brought back “traditional masculinity”.

Tate has links to various significant far-right figures, including Tommy Robinson who he knows from growing up in Luton. And his combination of gateway “influencer” content, extremely violent, degrading and controlling behaviour towards women, his racism and his far-right connections marked him out as a real danger to young people online.

This is why, last week, we launched a campaign against Tate which, in the space of less than a week, saw Tate looks many millions of followers on social media as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok all shut down his accounts and began to scrub Tate content off their sites.

This was a huge win for HOPE not hate, and we couldn’t have done it without our supporters, vast numbers of whom joined our call to the tech platforms to take action. We send a big thank you to you all.

In this special episode of the podcast, Nick and Joe sit down to reflect on what has been a pretty wild few days. They discuss some of the ins and outs of Andrew Tate, the trajectory of the campaign and dig into a very brazen and bizarre response video from Tate himself.


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